MGDC Power Solutions Alternators & Serpentine Pulley Kits

Mark Grasser DC Power Solutions has teamed with OceanPlanet Energy to provide 40+ years experience with marine electronics service, installation, and product development.  Mark Grasser’s marine alternators and serpentine pulley kits are all built and tested in the DC Power Solutions facility in Eliot, Maine. OceanPlanet Energy is proud to be a distributor of MGDC products.


High-output, small case, replacement alternators

  • available output:120A, 140A, 160A, & 180A

  • available with 1" foot mount, 2" foot mount, 1.7" and 3.14" saddle mount, 4" J180 mount, or pad mounts

  • comes with stainless steel mounting hardware

MGDC marine alternatorsRemote Rectifiers
Custom Serpentine  Pulley kits
  •  It is highly recommended to upgrade to a serpentine pulley kit and higher pulley ratio when upgrading your alternator

  • Pulley Kit Price Sheet
  • Alternator RegulatorsFor for more information on MGDC alternator regulators, go to the alternator regulator page


    More products coming soon include stage 3 “Beyond Large Frame” brushless alternators, battery to battery chargers, amp counters & power delivery timers.  For more information, contact us.

    For more information on existing products, check out the  Alternator & Parts Price & Spec Sheet