Portable Solar...It's there when you need it most.


Solbian makes installation EASY with the ALLinONE Series!


        • Built-in MPPT charge controllers in a sleek, low profile, waterproof box.  The panels are still only 0.6″ thick! 
        • Perfect for keeping even a good sized battery bank topped off when you are at the mooring.  
        • Available with Forex backing for added durability
        • Available with grommets to secure the panels when deployed.

Merlin Solar offers the Portable Solar Charger – tough enough to go with you anywhere


                          Merlin BDX95W

          • requires a separate charge controller
          • 95 Watts folds into the size of a thin briefcase (24.7″ x 7.8″ x 1.75″)
          • weighs 7.75 pounds
          • military grade
          • built-in stands, handle & pockets for cables
          • Price is $579