Portable Solar...It's there when you need it most.


Solbian makes installation EASY with the ALLinONE Series!


        • Built-in MPPT charge controllers in a sleek, low profile, waterproof box.  The panels are still only 0.6″ thick! 
        • Perfect for keeping even a good sized battery bank topped off when you are at the mooring.  
        • Available with Forex backing for added durability
        • Available with grommets to secure the panels when deployed.

Merlin Solar offers the Portable Solar Charger – tough enough to go with you anywhere


                          Merlin BDX95W

          • requires a separate charge controller
          • 95 Watts folds into the size of a thin briefcase (24.7″ x 7.8″ x 1.75″)
          • weighs 7.75 pounds
          • military grade
          • built-in stands, handle & pockets for cables
          • Price is $579

When finding a socket is impossible!

The Solbian Energy Flyer is the most advanced solar USB charger in the market. The perfect choice for people who need energy without compromises, for leisure or work.


                          Solbian Energy Flyer

          • four high efficiency back-contact cells encapsulated in a polymeric structure suited to resist impacts and weathering.
          • provides 12 W and a special sensitiveness in low light condition.
          • Four holes in the corners allow fixing the Energy Flyer to your backpack or on your tent.
          • MPPT charger offers a stable 5 V power supply via a standard USB port.
          • PRICE $129