American Power Systems High Output Alternators

The APS High Output Alternators offer maximum output for large lithium and AGM battery systems. These alternators utilize internal fans for optimal output during high heat conditions and special windings for the best possible output/weight ratio and durability.

High Output Alternators: Product Features

  • Heavy Duty Rectifier with HD Diodes Lithium Ion battery setups
  • Available with special AP500 external regulator for Li batteries
  • HPI series with popular 3.15″ saddle mount, 42i series with Universal J180 saddle
  • 100% quality tested components
  • 8 groove 52mm pulley comes standard for Poly-V belts
  • Available for 14V, 28V, & 56V
  • Manufactured in the USA

APS models- super compact fits in small case position

APS models-large case

  • 200 amp – 14 VDC model 42i-200M-12J/EXTSTA
  • 250 amp – 14 VDC model 42i-250M-12J/EXTSTA
  • 180 amp – 28 VDC model 42i-180EXT-28J or P
  • 300 amp – 28 VDC model 55i-270EXT-28J or P

Why APS?

Compact and lightweight. APS high output alternators pack more power into a smaller, lighter case. Clients often are surprised to learn how much power we can fit into the stock alternator position. APS alternators can double or triple a vehicle’s OEM output. With a dual alternator solution, we can provide as much as five times more power.

High efficiency. Most APS alternators are rated as highly efficient, which denotes efficiency of 80 percent or greater. High efficiency units require less energy from the vehicle’s engine and therefore consume less fuel. Therefore, these units cost less to operate and contribute to less engine wear than other options.

Self-cooling. APS high output alternators self-cool with singular or dual internal fans and high-performance heat sinks, allowing the user to work these units hard without overheating or causing damage to other equipment.

Tested, proven durability. With over 2,000 vehicles currently in the field and 18,000 test miles logged at the Nevada Automotive Test Center, our high output alternators withstand the harshest environments to deliver stable, dependable power.

APS testimonials & news

Check out this blog post by APS on the alternators installed on the solo ocean racing yacht Hugo Boss.

APS Info & Documents:

Alternator & Parts Prices & Specs

Specifications for 42i 14V & 28V

Specifications for 55i 300A

42i Dimensions


Contact OceanPlanet Energy for more info and approved installers.  Check out the APS website for more information on their products.