High Output Alternators

Why upgrade to a High Output Alternator?

The alternator can be the backbone of a charging system.  With a high output alternator, every minute that the engine is running can be utilized for maximum charging capabilities.  High Output alternators provide:


  • 2-3 times the charging current of a factory alternator
  • as much as 5 times the output of a factory alternator with a dual alternator setup
  • reduced fuel consumption due to higher efficiency charging

Our Suppliers

American Power Systems

  • highest output small case alternators
  • 28V & 56V applications
  • highest output large case alternators
  • Isolated Ground available on higher output alternators which allows monitoring
  • can be used in some cases where the Balmar alternators will not fit


  • lower cost 12V small case high output alternators
  • pulley kits for all alternator upgrades
  • recognized throughout the industry for its innovative technology, expert technical service and product reliability
  • lead time might be shorter because units are in stock

American Power Systems, Inc

Why Choose America Power Systems?

Compact and lightweight. APS high output alternators pack more power into a smaller, lighter case. Clients often are surprised to learn how much power we can fit into the stock alternator position. APS alternators can double or triple a vehicle’s OEM output. With a dual alternator solution, we can provide as much as five times more power.

High efficiency. Most APS alternators are rated as highly efficient, which denotes efficiency of 80 percent or greater. High efficiency units require less energy from the vehicle’s engine and therefore consume less fuel. Therefore, these units cost less to operate and contribute to less engine wear than other options.

Self-cooling. APS high output alternators self-cool with singular or dual internal fans and high-performance heat sinks, allowing the user to work these units hard without overheating or causing damage to other equipment.

Tested, proven durability. With over 2,000 vehicles currently in the field and 18,000 test miles logged at the Nevada Automotive Test Center, our high output alternators withstand the harshest environments to deliver stable, dependable power.

Check out this blog post by APS on the alternators installed on the solo ocean racing yacht Hugo Boss.  http://www.americanpowerinc.com/aps-blog/hot-yacht-aps-marine-alternators-power-stellar-performance/


Small Case HPI

Highest output alternators for the stock position

All are available with isolated ground and some are available with J180 mount.  See price sheet link to the right.


Model Voltage Rating Weight
HPI-255-EXT-14  14V 255A 17lb
HPI-360-EXT-14 14V 360A 17lb
HPI-185-EXT-28 28V 185A 17lb
HPI-160-EXT-56V 56V 160A 17lb

Large Case Alternators

APS- Large case alternators

Model Voltage Rating Weight
55i-360EXT-14V-IG 14V 360A 32lb
55i-270-28J-IG (low rpm startup) 28V 270A 32lb
55i-300A-28V 28V 300A 32lb
55i-360ACT-28J-IG 28V 360A 32lb
55i-190-56V-IG 56V 190A 32lb


Why Choose Balmar?

Balmar has been serving the Recreational Marine Industry for over 30 years. We supply DC Charging Products and Battery Monitors to help sailors and power boaters charge and monitor their batteries more efficiently. Balmar is recognized throughout the industry for its innovative technology, expert technical service and product reliability.

Balmar offers a wide range of alternator power upgrades designed specifically for marine industry applications.  Balmar installs high reliability bearings, robust rectifier diodes and improved heat-sinking capabilities on all our alternators to ensure improved system reliability combined with increased charging power.


Balmar Small Case Alternators & Pulley Kits

Small Case Alternators

Available with DV, K6 & J10 pulleys
Model Voltage Rating Mounting Options
XT-170 14V 170A 1”, 2”, 3.15”  Yanmar
XT-170-IG 14V 170A 3.15” Yanmar/Hitachi saddle
XT-250 14V 250A 1”, 2”, 3.15” Yanmar, J180/4”

Other things to think about…


Important Note: High-output alternators and advanced regulators can be challenging to install, and may require custom work to ensure proper fitment. An experienced installer is highly recommended for installation and configuration due to the potential complexity of the project. We will do everything we can to ensure a successful installation in the sales process, and will provide installation guides and manuals for our products. Additional support for installation, configuration, diagramming, and programming is available from OPE on a contracted hourly basis.


Heat Management

The biggest challenge when upgrading to a high output alternator is managing the heat created while charging. Enough space and forced air flow in the engine room can help to keep the temperature down but in the case that it is getting dangerously hot, a properly mounted temp sensor with a smart regulator programmed to dial back appropriately are a must for safety.  


Installation Can be Tricky

Each alternator & pulley kit upgrade should be viewed as a custom job.  There are minor differences between engine models by year, variations in installations, and engine compartment differences that make each upgrade a unique situation.  Even with the best measurements & fabrication, the installation will require some tweaking & testing for proper operation. Check out this customer blog with a helpful & thorough explanation of the entire upgrade and installation process.

Upgrading to a Serpentine Pulley Kit

When upgrading to a high output alternator, it is necessary to upgrade to a serpentine belt pulley kit.  A serpentine belt provides better surface contact to the pulleys which allows for better power transfer from the engine to the alternator, less vibration & a longer lasting system. Balmar pulley kits are available for many engine types & are designed to improve lower RPM charging & achieve faster charging times.


Alternator Regulators

An alternator regulator is necessary to adjust the voltage coming out of your alternator to the level that your battery bank needs. A regulator is also necessary to protect your engine and alternator by making adjustments according to environmental conditions. Choosing the best alternator regulator will ensure that you get the most out of your charge cycle. The most advanced regulators, such as the AP500, are also capable of interfacing with the engine so that the alternator is always charging at peak efficiency. Learn More.  Additionally, OPE has developed a web browser interface for the AP500 which allows users to easily access the most advanced programming & monitoring options. Check out the OPE Tether.

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