An aerial view of a high-performance sailing yacht cutting through dark waters. The boat features a large sail emblazoned with the logo 'Sodebo' and multiple solar panels installed on the deck.

Solar Overview for Marine & Mobile

Save fuel and enjoy the silence…

Solar installations will save engine or generator run time and provide top-end charging, helping to maintain the longevity of your batteries & equipment.  OceanPlanet Energy can help you harvest this free and consistent energy. 

We specialize in high output, light-weight, thin, marine-tested solar panels. OPE has been at the forefront of development in marine solar technologies and is excited to offer new lines and options that have advanced dramatically in recent years.  We can help you choose the best panels for your installation based on variables such as available space, location on the boat, weight, budget, shading, and personal preferences.

If you want to determine how much solar is necessary to cover your loads, check out our load calculator page.

Our Partners

Solbian logo


Solbian offers multiple lines of semi-flexible panels including the SP made with Sunpower cells, the SR+ made with HIT cells & MTAT technology, and the AllinOne with a built-in controller.

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Merlin offers many panels including the BDX95 foldable panel. They are the manufacturer of the SR+ series in conjunction with Solbian.

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Solara offers semi-flexible panels as well as glass panels all made with Sunpower cells.

OceanPlanet Energy is the North American Importer.

OceanPlanet Energy is an Authorized Dealer.

OceanPlanet Energy is the New England Dealer.

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Curious how much power you use?

A rope shadow across a boat solar panel


If any portion of a series string of cells is shaded, the current will drop and the output will be reduced from the entire string. The general rules for minimizing shading losses are; install one MPPT controller per panel; install multiple, smaller sized panels rather than a single large panel in a given space; and install longer panels fore and aft rather than athwartships.

Two solar panels on a boat with wires going through drill holes


It is important to think about how to route your wiring early in the design process.  Will you use backside wiring and drill holes? Will you need deck seals or plugs? Can you run them down the bimini support bows?  Check out our solar installation guide & accessories page for some options.

Genasun MPPT Install

Charging Capabilities

In addition to voltage and current ratings,  charge controllers also have varying attributes with respect to programmability, display options, efficiency, functionality and size that should be appropriately paired with the unique characteristics of the system and the user.

Monitor and Cerbo GX control system


It can be helpful and exciting to monitor just how much power you are getting out of the sun at any given moment. Some solar charge controllers have monitoring capability but if you want cumulative data or to integrate with other system monitoring, there are a few different products that are easy to install, affordable, and can provide the data you want.