Alternator Regulators

An alternator regulator is necessary to adjust the voltage coming out of your alternator to the level that your battery bank needs. A regulator is also necessary to protect your engine and alternator by  making adjustments according to environmental conditions. Choosing the best alternator regulator will ensure that you get the most out of your charge cycle. Genasun, MGDC Solutions and Balmar all deliver quality. For more information and specs, see below.  For prices, check out our Alternator and parts pricelist


 Mark Grasser (MGDC) R210a, 230a

  • Comes with battery temp sensor and has charge voltage compensation
  • Comes with alternator temp sensor. Actively changes output current to reach a balance of temperature to current to be able to continue charging instead of simply switching the alternator off as other manufacturers do
  • The R210a regulator has ten selectable algorithms with a forced float option available on all algorithms and is available for 12V or 24V
  • R230a has current control
  • R210a Specification Sheet



American Power Systems AP500

  • can use both current & voltage to regulate charging
  • can be used with 12V, 24V, 48V and more
  • enabled to communicate via CAN
  • highly configurable & perfect for lithium installations
  • APS-500-Alternator Regulator Specifications
  • Can be programmed using the NEW OPE-Tether
  • Can adjust charging dynamically based on engine load


alternator regulator genasunGenasun AR-2

  • Designed specifically for charging Lithium batteries
  • High accuracy or high bandwidth options
  • Dedicated differential battery voltage sense lines ensure fast and accurate charging

Check out the Genasun AR-2 User’s Manual



Balmar alternator regulator

 Balmar Max Charge- MC614 & MC624

  • Alternator and battery temperature sensing
  • Fully programmable for any battery type
  • Available for 12V(MC614) or 24V(MC624)

Check out the Balmar MC-614 Manual  or the MC-624 Manual for more information.



   Wakespeed WS100

  • offers 5 extremely intelligent selectable preset programs
  • available in 12V & 24V
  • provides a simple, easy-to-use, control for governing maximum controller output: 100%, 90%, 75% & 50%
  • optional battery & temp sensors
  • ws100 data sheet