Victron Super Cycle AGM

A truly innovative battery that excels in deep discharge applications.

Victron Super Cycle AGM

    • A truly innovative battery
    • Exceptional 100% depth of discharge (DoD) performance
    • Smaller and lighter
    • Low internal resistance

A Note About Firefly Battery, the Victron Super Cycle AGM & PSOC Operation

For many years, OceanPlanet Energy was the master marine distributor of the Firefly MCF carbon-foam AGM batteries.  Their resistance to capacity loss due to sulfation during PSOC (Partial State Of Charge) operation was a feature we really liked and promoted.  We no longer offer Firefly batteries, however, due to supply issues and increasingly restrictive installation requirements..
Being a Victron distributor, we have tested the Victron Super Cycle AGM 125Ah (G31 size) in our PSOC regime. Nearly all Pb batteries suffer permanent capacity loss when run through this 30-cycle PSOC test.  We’re happy to say that the Super Cycle AGM passed with flying colors, with no discernable loss of capacity.
Note that the recharging current limits of the Super Cycle AGM (which are noted on the side of the battery) must be followed.  Consult with OPE if you’re planning a high-power recharging system, to ensure that you have a solid energy system design.

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