LightLeaf Marine Solar Panels

Durable, high-efficiency, marine grade solar panels.

seaLeaf – Light, rigid, rail-mounted solar for boats

seaLeaf is a lightweight, rigid solar panel that clamps to railings, biminis, and arches without struts or strings.  The quick-release cam-lock hardware is simple to install yet provides instant adjustability to maximize solar intake. 

  • Cantilever cam-lock rail mount hardware  – no props or strings
  • Rigid and rugged carbon fiber
  • 1” structural perimeter mounting flange
  • Rounded, rubberized edges
  • Weighs 5lb, ¼ the weight of glass panels
  • Made in Canada
  • Abrasion and impact resistant
  • 25% efficient SunPower Maxeon cells
  • Effortless to handle, setup and store