High Output Alternators & Charging Systems


Maximizing charging efficiency = saving fuel & run time

In addition to the highest quality marine batteries, we also offer a complete line of charging products to support your power system including

  • High-Output Alternators
  • AC & DC chargers
  • Inverters, converters & more.

We will find charging solutions for even the most unique situations and offer much more than just the brands shown here.   We can design an integrated system utilizing the best of all brands to ensure the highest performance available. 


Quick links to products we offer


Integral Solutions

Integrel is the future of energy generation afloat, completely replacing your stand alone generator!  It uses smart new technology to generate up to 9kW of electrical power without compromising your engine’s performance. In fact, the system actively manages its output so that the engine is always running at its most fuel efficient.


High Output Alternators

For fast and efficient charging, most conventional marine alternators do not manage the constant, high-load output required by lithium batteries and large AGM bank systems. To avoid high charge losses due to heat and hard use, a high-output alternator is recommended.


Alternator Regulators & OPE Tether

An advanced alternator regulator will maximize charge efficiency and protect your batteries & charging system. We carry regulators for both lead and lithium systems. Wakespeed alternator regulators deliver cutting edge functionality and programmability.


Chargers, Inverters, Converters & more

OPE offers components from the most respected manufacturers to round out your charging system and cater to any boats needs. OPE ensures that each component in the system is the right product for the job and that the entire system can work together seamlessly.

Important concepts to understand & FAQ’s for charging

How much charging capability do I need?

This is a function of how you use your boat and the size of your battery bank.  Your charge sources should not exceed the charge acceptance rate of your batteries but they should be adequate to replenish Ah used within a reasonable amount of time.  

Why upgrade to a high output alternator?

Much of the time that you are running your engine, there is probably some power being wasted.  Having a high output alternator allows you to utilize more of the power created by your engine thus saving fuel & reducing charging times.

How do I size my Inverter?

Calculate your maximum AC loads at any given time.  This might not be ALL your AC loads but add up any loads that will be on at the same time. 

What does upgrading to a High Output Alternator entail?

Check out our section on important considerations for upgrading your alt for more info.

How do I charge my start battery or a bank of different chemistry?

We recommend directing the bulk of your charging capabilities to your house bank then charging any other batteries from the house bank.  If the other batteries require the same charging V, they can be charged through a Voltage Sensing Relay (VSR).  If the secondary bank requires a different charge V, then it can be charged using a DC/DC battery charger.  Here are some options.

Curious how much power you use?

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