High-Output Marine Alternators and Charging Systems

In addition to the highest quality marine batteries, we also offer a complete line of charging products to support your power system including

  • High-Output Alternators

  • AC & DC chargers

  • Inverters, converters & more.

We will find charging solutions for even the most unique situations and offer much more than just the brands shown here.   We can design an integrated system utilizing the best of all brands to ensure the highest performance available. 


Integrel Generator Replacement Technology


Integrel is the future of energy generation afloat, completely replacing your stand alone generator!  It collects excess energy from your existing inboard engine during normal operations and stores this energy in Li-Ion batteries for later use as you need it.

Integrel uses smart new technology to generate up to 9kW of electrical power without compromising your engine’s performance. In fact, the system actively manages its output so that the engine is always running at its most fuel efficient.



For fast and efficient charging, most conventional marine alternators do not manage the constant, high-load output required by lithium batteries and large AGM bank systems. To avoid high charge losses due to heat and hard use, a high-output alternator is recommended.

Alternator and parts pricelist

For more information on products, see the manufacturer pages linked to below.

MGDC Solutions

  • high output small case marine alternators
  • custom serpentine pulley kits
  • remote rectifiers
  • 120A-180A
  • more info



American Power  Systems

aps 42i marine alternators

  • high output large & small case marine alternators
  • 12V, 24V, and 56V systems
  • 110A-270A
  • high efficiency, secondary alternators
  • more info




Alternator Regulators

In order to get the most out of your marine alternator and maximize the life of your batteries, it is important to choose the right alternator regulator for your system. We carry regulators for both lead and lithium systems.

Check out our alternator regulator page to find the best option for your system.


AC & DC Charging




  •  MultiPlus & Quattro Inverter/Chargers
  • Skylla AC chargers
  • Orion Converters
  • Phoenix Inverters
  • more info




Pro Charge Ultra 10A-60A (12V - 48V) (5yr Warranty)

  • Pro Charge Ultra Battery to battery chargers
  • Voltage Sensing Relays
  • More info