Electric Propulsion

Hundreds of boaters are converting to electric propulsion each year…should you?


electric propulsion


Why Choose Electric Propulsion?

  • Save fuel – with solar, wind, or shore charging, you could be 100% fuel free
  • Light weight – an electric propulsion system is typically 1/3 the weight of a diesel system
  • Quiet – very quiet
  • No emissions – better for the environment, healthier for the passengers
  • Clean – engine room and bilge
  • Very little maintenance – estimated at less than 1/20 of the maintenance costs of a diesel engine in the first decade, even less compared to diesel as time goes on.  Due to the few moving parts and simplicity of the system, much, if not all, of the maintenance can be done by the owner
  • Regeneration – capabilities allow you can charge your batteries while you are sailing
  • Improved maneuverability – High torque at low RPM makes maneuvering at low speeds and in tight spaces more precise. With an electric motor it is possible to go from full ahead to full back instantaneously.
  • Extremely Reliable – which translates to increased safety

Check out this conversion story from Sail Magazine.


Founded in 2005, Torqeedo has been a pioneer in the field of water-based electromobility.  Torqeedo has set many standards in the industry and has continued to innovate over the past decade.  Torqeedo won the 2016 DAME award at the METS trade show for their new Pod Drive Series. Click here for more info.