Summer 2022 Nesletter

Summer in Maine has a special way of just flying by, and before you know it the days are getting shorter and the breeze a little cooler. Fall looms ahead, but the sun isn’t done with us yet. In between our summer fun, we’ve been busy working on new projects, exploring new products, and welcoming new people to the team!
Summer 2022 Project Spotlight: Maine’s First Ship, the Virginia
On June 4th, after over a decade of work involving hundreds of volunteers, Maine’s First Ship launched a reconstruction of the Virginia, the first English-built ocean-going ship in the New World. Watch this video of the launch!
The Virginia was built at the Popham Colony between 1607 and 1608. Our own Tom Whitehead has been guiding the DC power systems on the Virginia. This exciting project isn’t over, so stay tuned for more updates, possibly including an electric hybrid propulsion system! Read more about the Virginia and all the incredible work done to get to this point here.
Changes to the Solar Tax Credit System
The Federal Solar Tax Credit was set to wind down at the end of this year, going from 26% currently to 22% for 2023-2024. Fortunately, the recently enacted Inflation Reduction Act increases that credit to 30% starting in 2023 and going until 2032! Read more here, and find a tax form here. Remember, if your boat has a head and a galley and is docked in the US, it may be eligible for solar tax credits!
Product Spotlight: American Power Systems HPI High Output Alternator with Isolated Ground
American Power Systems HPI small-case high output alternator
A high-output alternator can be the cornerstone of efficient on-board energy systems. American Power Systems is leading the way with its new HPI series with isolated grounds. The isolated ground allows for extremely accurate monitoring, while the fully programmable APS or Wakespeed alternator regulators ensure that you are producing the most power for the least amount of fuel – all while protecting the health of your batteries.
More about APS high-output alternators here
Welcome to two new members of the Ocean Planet Energy Team, Serafina and Kevin!
Serafina joined the team in March, bringing years of office experience as our distribution manager and bookkeeper extradoinare! Read her bio here
Kevin joined OPE in August as a sales agent (with the task of learning as much technical information as he possibly can). His bio is here


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