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Solar Charge Controller Specs & Pricing

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The key to getting the most out of your solar panel investment is choosing the right marine MPPT charge controllers.  OceanPlanet Energy supplies the following brands which represent the highest quality with many options to choose from.

Genasun 2013 Logo

Using engineering developed for MIT’s solar race car, Genasun marine MPPT charge controllers feature the highest performance in both shaded and full sun applications. Genasun MPPT controllers scan and adjust 20 times per second to optimize output 1,200 times faster than standard MPPT controllers, ensuring maximum energy collection. With 99% peak efficiency they are the best option for small arrays and can actually reduce overall cost per watt of solar power.

GV4 Genasun MPPT charge controllers


  •  For lead batteries
  • Max panel power 50W
  • For 12V battery and a panel >12V
  • more details


Genasun Marine MPPT Charge Controllers


  • For lead or lithium batteries
  • Max panel power 65W
  • 12V battery and panel >12V
  • more details


Genasun Marine MPPT charge controllers


  • For lead or lithium batteries
  • Max panel power 140W
  • 12V battery and panel >12V
  • more details


Genasun Marine MPPT charge controllers


  • For lead or lithium batteries
  • Available for 12V, 24V, 36V & 48V batteries
  • For situations where the panel V is less than the battery V
  • more details



Blue Sky Energy is a California based company now owned by Genasun specializing in marine MPPT charge controllers for medium sized, off-grid arrays.  Some of  Blue Sky’s controllers have digital displays for monitoring solar charge current and battery voltage.  Additionally, Blue Sky controllers can be networked and monitored remotely.

Marine MPPT Charge controllers


  • For 12V or 24V batteries where the panel V is higher than the battery V
  • Max  current of 20A @12V, Max current 15A @ 24V
  • Max panel power 400W (24V) & 270W (12V)
  • more details


Marine MPPT Charge controller

BSE 2512-ix-HV

  •  For lead or lithium  12V batteries
  • Max panel power 340W
  • Max charge current 25A
  • more details


Blue Sky marine solar charge controllers


  • For lead or lithium 12V batteries
  • Max panel power 400W
  • Max charging current 30A
  • more details


Blue Sky SB3024iL


  • For 12V or 24V lead or lithium batteries
  • Max panel power is 540W @12V & 800W @ 24V
  • Max charging current 40A @12V & 30A @24V
  • more info

logo western

Western Co. is an Italian company that has been producing marine MPPT charge controllers for 30 years.  Western makes controllers for small and medium off-grid arrays up to 1.8kW with the double input WRM30.  Additionally Western manufactures the unique WMARINE10 which has the buck-boost MPPT algorithm which allows continuous operation whether the panel output voltage is above or below the battery voltage.


  • For 12V or 24V lead or lithium batteries
  • Max panel power is 120W for 12V & 220W for 24V
  • Capable of both stepping down the panel voltage to the battery voltage AND boosting the panel voltage to the battery voltage
  • WMARINE10 Data Sheet



WRM 20

  •  For 12V or 24V lead or lithium batteries
  • Max panel power is 310W for 12V & 620W for 24V
  • Max charge current of 20A
  • WRM20 Datasheet





  • For 12V/24V/48V lead or lithium batteries
  • Max panel power 450W/12V, 900W/24V, 1800W/48V
  • Max charge current 30A
  • WRM30 Datasheet






victron logo2

Victron Energy manufactures a wide variety of marine power products.  Their line of BlueSolar MPPT solar controllers are small, durable and very efficient.  They are compatible with all Victron monitoring and control devices for easy and remote programming and monitoring.  See below for more details.

BlueSolar MPPT 75/10, 75/15 & 100/15




BlueSolar MPPT 100/30 & 100/50


Victron Monitoring & Control

MPPT Control

MPPT Control

  • View live status information, including solar watts, battery voltage, charge current, load current and more.
  • View historical information
    A. All-time values
    B. 30-day historical values
  • MPPT setup
  • MPPT Control Manual

Victron Smart Battery Sense

  • Wireless Voltage & Temp sensor that can transmit battery data to MPPT’s to enable remote temperature compensation
  • Smart Battery Sense Manual


VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle

Victron Bluetooth Smart Dongle

  • Using the VE.Direct to Bluetooth Smart dongle you can display your BMV or MPPT information on iOS and Android devices, using the VictronConnect app. View information wirelessly such as battery status and solar panel power, plus other useful data.
  • Allows MPPT to be fully programmed via smartphone




We also offer MidNite Kid and other solar charge controllers, depending on the application.

For additional monitoring devices to use with all controllers, see our monitoring page.


Users Manuals


GV-4 Manual , GV-5 Manual

GV-10 Manual , GV Boost Manual

Western Co:

WRM15 manual, WMarine10 manual, WRM20 manual, WRM30 manual

Blue Sky Energy:

Manual_BSE_SB1524iX, BSE_SB2512iX ManualSB 3000i Manual, SB3024iL manual

Victron Blue Solar:

75/15 Manual100/30 Manual100/50 Manual