Solbian SP100 panels integrated in the deck of Vismara Indigo

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The first step for assessing how to improve your energy storage and charging system is to figure out how much power you use per day & how much power you can generate from your various sources per day.  This can be done in a number of ways.  The easiest way is if you have a battery monitor that tracks and logs all the amps in and out of your battery.  In this case, simply read your battery monitor to get the desired information.   Of course, much of the time, it is not that simple.  In many cases it is necessary to identify and calculate what each individual load & charge source consumes or generates over the course of the day and add it all up.  We have a few tools to help you do that.  Check out our Energy Calculator for more information. Regardless of how you come up with the numbers, having a rough estimate of your power usage will help to determine what size battery bank you need and how much solar (or other charge sources) you need to cover your loads.

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