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Purchasing & Returns


Due to the complex nature of our products as well as the desire of OPE to ensure the proper application for all our products, we prefer to process all purchases through email with one of our System Consultants.

If you would like help determining what product is best for you, please fill out our customer form or email sales@oceanplanetenergy.com.

If you know what you would like and want to expedite the order, please email the list of desired products to orders@oceanplanetenergy.com.  OPE will send an order confirmation shortly after to confirm the order for processing.

Returns & Exchanges

For returns & exchanges, please email sales@oceanplanetenergy.com with all the details.  OPE will accept returns & exchanges within 3 months of the date of sale if the product has not been used and is in the original packaging.  In most cases, a 20% restocking/handling fee will be applied. Superseded or discontinued models will have to be assessed on a case by case basis.

Thank you for your business!

You can review our warranty statement here.