System Design & Consulting Services

Design & Consulting Services

As part of your system upgrade, it may be necessary for OPE to spend some additional time assessing and designing solutions for your specific system. OPE can also provide diagrams or schematics for your system if you choose. The consulting fee for both of these services is $200/hour.​ At this time we do not have the bandwidth to provide design and consulting services unless we are also providing the hardware.

Generic System Diagram 600Ahx24V

Why is it worth investing in?

The ocean is full of vessels (some no longer floating…) with failing and/or inadequate energy systems.  Electrical issues are the number one cause of problems on boats large enough to have an electrical system. This is entirely avoidable. Very often the beginning of the path to failure is simply the lack of careful planning.

Such planning must be done by experienced people, with knowledge of the desired system functions, electrical loads, space and budget limitations, etc.

Every energy system is unique.  An assessment must be made of the above factors, to determine the energy storage requirements (battery capacity), recharging options (both renewable and non-renewable), energy monitoring needs, and the safe configuration of it all, to prevent irritating surprises, system failures, injuries, or worse…

Our team has collectively spent multiple decades and hundreds of thousands of ocean sailing miles (including two solo circumnavigations) to learn this stuff. Nigel Calder has literally written the book on boat electrical systems.

We dig deeply into each project.  Often, we’re already working hard on interesting projects like yours, so can’t grab the phone right away.  Take advantage of our Contact Form to let us know your plans and how we can help. We’ll get back to you soon and set up a time to discuss your project.