solara solar

Solara Marine Solar Panels

Durable, high-efficiency, marine grade solar panels.

Solara “Power-M” Series

Solara Solar
  • CELLS: Made with the highest efficiency Sunpower cells
  • INSTALLATION OPTIONS: Available with an EZ Mount kit for railing installations
  • Semi-flexible and allowed to bend 3% on curved surfaces
  • Built with a corrosion resistant, powder coated stainless steel backing plate
  • Rugged rubber-like encapsulation is slip resistant and protects against UV, salt spray and environmental contaminants
  • Completely sealed low-profile junction box with 8′ cable leads
  • Available with back side junction boxes
  • 5 year warranty

Solara “Ultra-S” Series 

Solara solar
  • CELLS: Constructed with the highest grade SunPower cells
  • Aluminum framed glass panels
  • These panels will have a long lifetime even under extreme conditions with scratch-resistant thermally hardened thin glass and excellent mechanical load resistance thanks to a torsion-resistant module frame
  • Especially developed for permanent operation at extreme heat as well as high humidity
  • 5 year warranty