Advanced Marine Battery Systems

Performance & Reliability Using Lithium & Advanced Lead Technologies

Batteries are the backbone of any mobile energy system, so choosing the right product is paramount.

OceanPlanet Energy offers only the highest quality, highest performance & most reliable energy systems. With an upgraded lithium or lead battery system, you can enjoy longer battery life, less maintenance, shorter charging times, longer periods between charging sessions and fuel savings.

Products We Offer

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These systems are recommended for anyone who wants the absolute highest performance and reliability.

Victron system monitoring


The Victron Lithium Smart batteries are a great option for smaller or less complex systems. Contact us for more info on all Victron battery options.

Curious how much power you use?

Charging Capabilities

A high output (HO) alternator  can greatly increase your charging capabilities and improve your system’s performance.  Read our FAQs about HO Alternators and lithium batteries for more information.


Monitoring the state of charge (SOC), the charge rate, the discharge rate & the V of the battery bank is necessary in order to maintain the health of the battery bank.  There is a wide variety of products available depending on the features desired.


When installing batteries, it is important to ensure that all the batteries in the bank are loaded equally during charging and discharging. This means that cables of equal gauge and length should be used when connecting the batteries in parallel and to the system positive and negative buses.