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Alternator Regulators

Maximize your charging time with the most advanced technology.

Why do you need an alternator regulator?

An alternator regulator adjusts the output of the alternator to the proper voltage required by the batteries based on battery chemistry & environmental factors. All lithium & some AGM applications require special programming of the alternator regulator. OPE provides comprehensive hardware programming services.

Replace your generator with a high output alternator and advanced regulator

Today’s high power alternators provide the option of supplementing and in many cases replacing generator charging. The AP500 has exclusive programming capabilities accessible with an Android app which allow the battery charging to be maximized based on engine RPM & real time loading data. Generate high amperage even at idle.

Temperature sensing

The regulator will adjust charging based on alternator temperature as well as battery temperature for non-lithium installations. It is important to have properly mounted temperature sensors to enable the charging to be scaled back in the case of high alternator temperature and to adjust the V for lead battery temperature variations.



AP500 & WS500 with Dynamic Charge Control Based on Actual Engine Loading

  • Utilizes both current & V to regulate charging
  • Compatible with 12V, 24V, 48V systems & more
  • CAN enabled for comms with engine & battery BMS
  • Adjusts charging based on RPM with a completely customizable loading curve
  • Wiring harness sold separately
  • Programmable with the OPE Tether, DIP switches, PC via Putty or Wakespeed app via Android

Differences Between AP500 & WS500

  • AP500 has no dip switches for preprogrammed charge profiles
  • AP500 is more water resistant
  • WS500 has RJ45 terminals



Balmar Max Charge: MC618 & MC624

  • NEW: The MC618 can now be programmed via Bluetooth using the Balmar app in conjunction with the SG205
  • 9 Selectable Programs for Marine Batteries (including LiFePO4)
  • 15 Amp (10A for MC624) Maximum Field Current
  • Advanced Programming Modes (accessible through Bluetooth)
  • Alternator & Battery Temperature Sensing & Control
  • Exclusive Belt Load Manager Function
  • Integrates with SG200 for Programming and Data Display
  • Can be Used in Twin-Engine Applications with Centerfielder II


MV Alpha Pro III

Alpha Pro III

  • Balances engine load, reducing RPM variations.
  • Compatible with standard and high performance alternators, including 200 A ~ 400 A models.
  • Integrated ‘keep alive’ feature for reliable tachometer readings.
  • Suitable for every battery type, including Lithium Ion.
  • Suitable for 12 V and 24 V system voltages.
  • MasterBus compatible: simplifies wiring, saves space and weight, and creates optimal cooperation between Mastervolt products