Hydrogenerators by Watt & Sea


Capture the power your sailboat generates while being propelled by the wind. Enjoy underway charging with Watt & Sea’s new line of cruising and racing hydrogenerators, a proven way to reduce or eliminate fossil-fuel charging while sailing. The Watt & Sea units work with a small propeller spinning in the water creating more energy the faster you go. Watt & Sea Hydrogenerators can help yacht owners minimize fuel use and reduce onboard weight while maintaining power.

Watt & Sea’s patented technology is calibrated for minimal drag and an optimal output. The Hydrogenerator is easily mounted on the transom and the mounting gear is adaptable to nearly any transom, including angled, multi-hull and open transoms.

Cruising Series Hydrogenerators are now available in 300W & 600W, 610mm & 970mm

watt & sea hydrogeneratorWatt & Sea Hydrogenerator   watt & sea hydrogenerator

  •  3 knots will generate enough power for lights and safety systems
  • 5 knots will generate power sufficient to run on-board electronics (pilot, computer   electronics)
  • 6-7 knots powers remaining systems (refrigeration, water, etc.)
  • 12V/24V auto-detecting converter
  • 3 different sized propeller options so you can maximize power while minimizing drag specifically for your boat

Production curve Cruising 300 GB                   Max Output 600W (48A@12V, 24A @24V)

Racing Hydrogenerators available in 600W, 610mm

Hydro Racing Alu 600W-610mm - couleur LRsmall                       Production graph racing unit2

  • At 12 kts, reach max output of 600W(approx. 48A @12V, 24A @ 24V)
  • Used by 95% of the yachts in the Vendee Globe 2012-2013
  • Equipped with a variable pitch propeller to minimize drag and maximize output, optimized efficiency between 5 and 30kts


POD 600 for mounting directly to the hull

The POD 600 is THE innovative solution for sail boats unable to fasten a hydrogenerator on their transom for technical, mechanical or aesthetic reasons.

Tested since 2014 by a few privileged sailors, this version has demonstrated these useful advantages :

  • invisible
  • no complicated handling up and down
  • easy start-up and controlled with a relay on/off switch
  • electrical output is the same compared to classic 600W models
  • POD 600 Specifications


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