OPE Tether

Connect, program, troubleshoot...from anywhere with an internet connection.

What is the OPE Tether now?


The Wakespeed WS500 regulator has enormous capability as an alternator regulator.  Many of the advanced functions can only be taken advantage of with detailed programming.  The OPE Tether is a wifi access point that connects the regulator to a web based interface that allows easy programming of the WS500 to fully utilize the regulator’s capabilities.


What does the future hold for the OPE Tether?

The OPE-Tether is much more than a regulator programming tool.  It is built upon a wireless router module developed by Global Marine Networks (GMN), allowing remote access, programming, and system monitoring/testing.  Developed together with Lithionics, Wakespeed, and GMN founder Luis Soltero (PhD), the OPE-Tether can connect and translate the RV-C CANbus data from multiple Lithionics battery BMS’s and multiple regulators.  This will allow monitoring and integration of charging systems to a higher level than ever before.






Wifi-access point for connecting WS500 to internet

  • allows complete programming of WS500 through a web-based user friendly interface
  • provides real time monitoring
  • connects to regulator via USB or RJ45 CAN bus connector
  • has remote support capability
  • allows easy firmware updates for the WS500



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