COVID-19 Update

During these extremely difficult times, our highest priority is to support the health and safety of our team and our customers. We are integrating all recommended safety guidelines into our work processes as summarized below. We are open for business and remaining available to help you with any projects you are currently working on or thinking of working on when this crisis is finally in our wake.

We will provide products to customers via normal shipping channels on a weekly basis. We are planning to pack and ship all outgoing products on Wednesday of each week but can make exceptions if necessary.

Health & Safety Procedures

  1. Most employees are working from home and sheltering in place.
  2. Our office space is large enough, so that if one or two or even three employees were to be here at one time, we can easily maintain safe social distancing.
  3. Any common or shared surfaces such as door knobs, light switches and areas of the shipping department are frequently wiped down with alcohol.
  4. We are not allowing any customer walk-in visits at this time.
  5. We have protective gloves and masks available when needed.
  6. All packages received are wiped down before opening, and all outgoing packages are prepared while wearing gloves and a mask.  

We wish everyone the best during this time,

The OceanPlanet Energy Team