Genasun GV-Boost

Genasun Marine MPPT


The industry’s most efficient boost controllers. These controllers boost lower-voltage solar panels up to charge higher voltage batteries up to 48V nominal

8A 12/24/36/48V Boost MPPT Controller

  • 99% Peak Efficiency
  • Continuous MPPT
  • Marine-Grade
  • Advanced electronic protections
  • 5-Year Warranty.








Rated Panel (Input) Current: 8A 8A
Minimum Panel Voltage for Charging: 5V 5V
Minimum Battery Voltage for Operation: 9.5V 9.5V
Absolute Maximum Panel Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc): 63V 63V
Charge Profile: Multi-Stage with Temperature Compensation CC-CV
Nominal Battery Voltage: 12V 24V 36V 48V (See specs for closest -Pb equivalent.)
Maximum Recommended Panel Vmp: 13V 26V 41V 43V
Maximum Recommended Panel Power (8A Panel w/~155mm cells): 105W 210W 325W 350W
Bulk Voltage: 14.4V 28.8V 43.2V 57.6V
Absorption Voltage: 14.2V 28.4V 42.6V 56.8V
Absorption Time: 2 Hours
Float Voltage (Pb models) or CV Voltage (Li models): 13.8V 27.6V 41.4V 55.2V **.*V as specified in part number
Battery Temperature Compensation: -28mV/°C -56mV/°C -84mV/°C -112mV/°C
Electrical Efficiency: 95% – 97% typical 96% – 98% typical 96% – 98% typical 96% – 99% typical (See specs for closest -Pb equivalent.)
Night Consumption: 7mA 6mA 6mA 5mA
Tracking Efficiency: 99+% typical 99+% typical
MPPT Tracking Speed: 15Hz 15Hz
Marine Grade: Yes Yes
Waterproof: NO NO (See Genasun Model GVB-WP) NO (See Genasun Model GVB-WP)
Connection: 4-position terminal block for 10-30AWG wire
Weight: 6.5oz., 185g
Dimensions: 5.5×2.5×1.2″, 14×6.5×3.1cm
Warranty: 5 years