Genasun GV-10 12V MPPT

Genasun Marine MPPT


A perfect match for your 140W panel. The ultra high-speed MPPT in the GV-10 is so effective it reduces your system cost per Watt.

10.5A 12V MPPT Controller.

  • 98.3% Peak Efficiency
  • High-Speed MPPT
  • Advanced electronic protections
  • Tiny night consumption (0.9mA)
  • Marine-Grade
  • 5-Year Warranty




Maximum Recommended Panel Power: 140W GV-10-Li-12.5V 120W
GV-10-Li-14.2V 140W
GV-10-Li-16.7V 160W
Rated Battery (Output) Current: 10.5A 10.5A
Nominal Battery Voltage: 12V N/A
Max Panel Voltage (Voc): 34V 34V
Recommended Max Voc at STC: 27V 27V
Minimum Battery Voltage for Operation: 8.5V 8.5V
Charge Profile: Multi-Stage with Temperature Compensation CC-CV
Charging Voltages: FLOODED Setting SEALED Setting
Equalization Voltage: 15.0V
Equalization Time: 2 Hours
Equalization Interval: 30 Days
Bulk Voltage: 14.6V 14.3V
Absorption Voltage: 14.4V 14.1V
Absorption Time: 2.5 Hours
Float Voltage (GV-10-Pb-12V):
CV Voltage (GV-10-Li-**.*V):
13.5V 13.7V GV-10-Li-12.5V 12.5V
GV-10-Li-14.2V 14.2V
GV-10-Li-16.7V 16.7V
Battery Temperature Compensation: -28mV/°C
Operating Temperature: -40°C – 85°C -40¡C Ð 85¡C
Electrical Efficiency: 96% – 98% typical 96% – 98% typical
Tracking Efficiency: 99+% typical 99+% typical
MPPT Tracking Speed: 15Hz 15Hz
Night Consumption: 0.9mA (900uA) 0.9mA (900uA)
Marine Grade: Yes Yes
Connection: 4-position terminal block for 10-30AWG wire 4-position terminal block for 10-30AWG wire
Weight: 6.5oz., 185g 6.5oz., 185g
Dimensions: 5.5×2.5×1.2″, 14×6.5×3.1cm 5.5×2.5×1.2″, 14×6.5×3.1cm
Warranty: 5 years 5 years