Electric Yacht – Electric Propulsion

Electric propulsion systems are CLEAN, GREEN, and QUIET!!!

Great reasons to convert to electric propulsion…

  • Save fuel
  • No engine noise
  • No emissions
  • Reliable and safe

But there are some common questions and concerns…

Will you have enough power?

  • Electric Yacht electric propulsion systems are available in many sizes and are recommended for boats up to 60′ and 45,000lbs.
  • Depending on the size of your battery bank, cruise at low speeds all day or faster speeds for a couple hours
  • As soon as you start sailing, you start recharging your batteries with Electric Yacht’s adjustable regeneration
  • If you want to motor all day at a good clip or have high top-end speeds, electric propulsion is probably not for you

Here is a power projection for a 37′ Island Trader with a QuietTorque 20.0.  A similar projection can be made for your boat based on a combination of computer projections and real world performances.

Electric yacht power projections for electric propulsion

Is it a major refit?  How hard is it to install?

  • There are DIY kits available but if you would like to use a boatyard, we can recommend a yard in your area.
  • Electric Yacht’s complete package is designed to make the conversion as easy and straightforward as possible
  • Mounts to existing engine stringers
  • Plug and play wiring greatly simplifies installation
  • Uses existing shaft and propeller installation or update propeller for improved performance (if needed)
  • Can be installed with boat in the water
  • Multiple reduction ratio options to accommodate different boat and propeller sizes

Shaft Drive Product Overview

Here are the standard shaft drive systems Electric Yacht has to offer(Custom systems are also available). Click on the model name for the specification sheet.

Boat Size (LOA)Electric Yacht
QuietTorque Model
Maximum Input PowerSuggested Battery Bank in AH and V DCPrice
up to 29’ and 7000lbsQuiet Torque 5.05 kW100Ah (48V)$4995
up to 35′ and 12,000lbsQuietTorque 10.010 kW200Ah (48V)$5695
up to 40′ and 15,000lbsQuietTorque 15.0 15 kW400Ah@48V$7995
up to 42′ and 22,000lbsQuietTorque 20.0 20 kW400Ah (48V)$8995
up to 45′ and 28,000lbsQuietTorque 30.030 kW300Ah-500Ah (72V) $10,495
up to 50′ and 34,000lbsQuiet Torque 40.040 kW300Ah-500Ah (96V) $12,595
up to 60′ and 45,000lbsQuietTorque 60 LC

60 kW300Ah-500Ah (96V) $16,995

Saildrive Product Overview

Electric Yacht now offers a Saildrive series, the QTSD!!! Click on the model name for the spec sheet.

Boat Size (LOA)Electric Yacht
QuietTorque Model
Maximum Input PowerSuggested Battery Bank in Ah and V DCPrice
up to 30’ and 7000lbsQTSD 5 05 kW300Ah (48V) $9495
up to 34′ and 12,000lbsQTSD 10.010 kW200Ah (48V)$10,195
up to 35′ and 15,000lbsQTSD 15.015kW400Ah (48V)$12,495
up to 42′ and 22,000lbsQTSD 20.020kW400Ah (48V)$13,495
up to 45', 30,000 lbs.QTSD 30.030kW300-500Ah @ 72V$14,995
up to 50', 40,000 lbs.QTSD 40.040kW300-500Ah @ 96V$16995
up to 60', 45,000 lbs.QTSD 60 LC
60kW300-500Ah @ 96V$21495

Contact us if you would like to get a power projection for your boat or if you would like any more information.